Talking about the Web Summit is talking about numbers. By 2017 are estimated 80 thousand participants. In this first edition in Lisbon, Meo Arena and FIL received 53 thousand people among speakers, investors, entrepreneurs and a few more curious. 67 thousand connected equipment, 20 terabytes of data, 37 thousand km of fiber. 1490 startups, 1300 investors and 677 speakers, with a gender balance of 42% for women.

Good results with great impact in several business sectors of the country.


The SEO World has only a truth that is constantly changing. It is suggested here global trends that must be considered when developing new SEO plans for 2017.

1. Ensure the conversation of Keywords as well as anchor text;

2. Keep traditional links to help increase the relevance of the brand;

3. Increase the mobile optimization, to ensure that the site be readable on all platforms and getting a better ranking;

4. Concentration in the content, ensuring that the site has huge relevant content to survive in the online world;

5. Integration with Social Media, interacting in all relevant social networking platforms to the target market.


It is increasingly growing the interest in the marks to implement Augmented Reality (AR) technology in applications and marketing materials. According to the study by Juniper Research, applications with augmented reality will grow about 132% / year by 2018, with a projection application download on smartphones and tablets in the order of 2.5 billion per year. According to the report, many companies are now realizing that this technology can be a key to increase engagement with their customers, both as a way to provide additional information about the products or through virtual games related to the brand.

The exponential growth is also true, so for Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR), following the great popularity of the way people use their mobile devices.


The most recent studies have shown a time period that increase the efficiency of posts placed in various social media. Professional time to the opposite, everything depends on the social media used.

Facebook has its best hours in the weekdays from 6am to 8am and from 2pm to 5pm; past the LinkedIn from 7am to 8.30am and from 5pm to 6pm, ending by blogging precisely at 11am. We leave Twitter and Pinterest for the weekend in the morning. The effectiveness of your posts depends on the attention your audience pays them.

Be aware and at appropriate frequency post at the right time!


With a customer whose attention periods are minimal and that demand more quality content about products and services, companies are focusing on video marketing strategies in 2016. Specifically this tool has helped companies to show their prospects how the products or services work through the use of explanatory videos, not just text and images. The numbers are interesting: studies show that investments in high-quality video can increase online carts up to 174%; and that 75% of decision-makers watch videos at least once a week, 50% watch videos on YouTube, and 65% visit the site after seeing a video. Those are high conversion rates.

Companies should therefore focus on the integration of high-quality videos on their website in order to improve the engagement with customers and potential customers.

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